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New Courtyard Aga khan Hospital Nairobi


Do you have access to funding from the same employer? Do you want to build a joint project with friends or family? For example, you may own ½ acre in Nairobi environs and work for a bank. Perhaps you and four of your colleagues would like to invest together and create a safe gated neighbourhood for your children. ‘My neighbourhood’ is a product structured just for you. Do contact us to discuss further details.

If you need a house like no other, at ‘what it will cost’. If you are not ashamed to tell the world that you have something to show. FHG Architecture provides the service of creating unique exquisite one-off houses for discerning clients. This product is not for you if financial constraints are the chief driver of your project. This product is about style and trends. It’s about stretching the possibilities. It will give you a way to leave a project that has your ‘signature’ as a legacy to the generations to come.

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