FHG BLOG 01: My First House

  • By Caroline Wangui
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FHG BLOG 01: My First House
02 June 2015

There Must be “literally tonnes” of people looking for a place they can call their own In Nairobi.

Problem is that everywhere you look there is probably a road block to your dream. The Land prices are impossible in all the areas where you would want to live. Where you could possibly afford land it is so far that it would be easier to get a helicopter to reach there. But money often is what you do not have a lot off- so you’re stuck!

And I forgot -when you finally get your land in the middle of now where and you muster the courage to even Imagine you could live there- by convincing yourself that no sane thief would bother to conduct their trade there- you need an Architect to assist you get your drawing plans.

But aren’t architects terribly expensive? Could I possibly pay the Architect as much as I bought the land? And So you take a short cut and get a plan off the street corner- somewhere.

But at the bank or SACCO they will not give you any money- not without Governor Kidero’s mighty stamp on your plans- And so you grudgingly troop back to your architect (www.fhgkenya.com) and negotiate “as-if-your-mother -was-in-ICU!” Later you proceed to pay only a third of the fee and notwithstanding your bankrupting your architect you soon have the all-needed Stamp.

It’s time to build- armed with your plans under your armpit- and With the Best fundi your sub-county can produce……

…………..(continue this story. Winning story gets a free plan of your first

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