About Us

In 2003, a Kenyan Architect and a Canadian Architect formed FNDA Architecture (K) Ltd. In 2011, one of the directors, Architect Andrew Kimani left the firm and founded FHG Architecture (K) Ltd. FHG was thus born out of international expertise and a good understanding of local building industry. In the last few years the firm has grown to a thriving practice whose local and international experience includes commercial buildings, offices projects, healthcare and residential projects, as well as education, recreation and institutional projects. FHG Kenya is a leading architectural firm drawing from the long-term experience over many years of the lead director Arch. Andrew Kimani. Projects are handled in a seamless manner so that exchange of relevant experience within the office and various consultants is guaranteed no matter the type and scale of project. The primary focus of the firm’s activity is centered on creating elegant, well designed and cost effective facilities and to ensure that their needs are serviced, their expectations exceeded, and their budgets met. FHG is not simply an architectural, interior design, or planning firm. It is a team of people who are committed to delivering high quality, cost effective projects that will be enjoyed by its users, and which provide profitability and excellent returns on equity for its developers. We believe that good design is good business. We have extensive local and international experience particularly in health care and institutional design

Why Choose FHG

We take pride in our work and every client is important to us. Our relentless search for excellence in design, functionality and budget considerations allow us to produce appropriate architecture for our clients. We firmly believe that the quality of spaces must respond to humanistic needs and the environment we create must be a place of pride and lasting joy for its users. We believe our foregoing philosophy and quality of work not only excitesour clients but plays a major role in their coming back to us with more projects. In order to ensure that our design response is appropriate, we are constantly updating our knowledge of the latest technology available to the construction industry

Budget considerations remain central to our design process. We believe that the quality of design service, innovative approaches to design solutions, good documentation and keeping track of the projects schedule does provide the most cost-effective solutions. Most of our projects have been completed on time and within budget.

The firm has outstanding track record since most clients have come back to use our services. This comes from building strong project teams comprising of the Owner, Architect, Consultants and Contractors, and providing proper leadership and direction. We always work to meet client’s brief, budgets, schedule and strive towards producing appropriate design solutions, leading to our success

Solutions to architectural design are not the product of the architect alone, but the sum total of the successful interaction of the design team and the owner. We approach each project with intensive effort, defining the architectural problem within the client's requirements. The participation of the user is essential in developing and analyzing options. Successful listening and researching phases of the process ensure a design which not only meets the basic requirements of the client but also facilitates a higher level of architectural achievement mutually satisfying to the client as well as the professional. The personal attention and involvement of the principals is the key to the success of this design process. With this methodology we have built successful projects and long term client relationships. We believe good design is good business and can practically illustrate how our work has had direct positive impact to the bottom line of our clients.

Project administration is an integral part of achieving a successful project. We believe that successful projects can be achieved through building a coherent team consisting of the Owner, Architect, Consultants and Contractor. Here, the role of the architect is of paramount importance to ensure that all parties are well informed through proper coordination and well-defined procedures. As far as the project implementation is concerned, the architect plays the role of chief coordinator and team member of the various parties. At the time of the implementation, we provide regular site visits and our phone lines are always available for discussion with the Owner and Contractor to ensure timely responses in order to facilitate effective information flow to and from the Contractor.

Success of our completed projects speaks for themselves. We believe that the best quality control is achieved through respect of the trades-people and their skills, coupled with flexibility and creativity of the architectural team. This means that there should be will on the part of the architectural team to review alternate methods of achieving the desired results. This can only be achieved when mutual trust is developed between the Contractor and the Architect’s team and administrative machinery, which is in place, should be there to assist the project and not to encumber its successful implementation.

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